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Fernet Insurace Brokers have been the leaders in the Insurance Industry for over 30 Years...


Fernet Insurance Brokers Ltd. (Fernet UK) was established in 1985 in England and was amongst the top brokers in the United Kingdom motorcycle insurance market.  Fernet UK administered exclusive programs for Triumph, Harley-Davidson, as well as other motorcycle manufacturers.  When Triumph Motorcycles (America) Limited was established in the early 1990s, Fernet UK were asked to provide similar services in the States.  As a result, Fernet Insurance Brokers (USA) Inc. (Fernet USA) was founded in 1995.  Fernet USA is now completely independent and unrelated to Fernet UK, as that company was sold and now operates under a different entity.

Fernet USA is an independent property and casualty agency licensed to write motorcycle insurance in 47 states for A+ Rated insurance companies.  Fernet also specializes in automobile, snowmobile, and all types of boat and personal watercraft insurance.