Motorcycle Insurance Sales Procedures

Fernet Insurance Brokers is an independent insurance agency representing insurance companies specializing in the motorcycle and recreational insurance products. As the agent, we have responsibilities to our customers and the insurance companies. In order to ensure that these responsibilities are fulfilled, we ask that you adhere to procedures outlined below.

1. Sale of Insurance:

Fernet and its employees must be the ones to speak with the customer and inform him of his options. In order to speak about the sale of insurance you are required to be licensed to sell insurance. Therefore, to ensure all legal requirements are met, this must be done by Fernet employees.

2. Application for Insurance:

Once the customer agrees on a carrier and coverage options, the application may be faxed or emailed to your dealership. This is only an application for insurance and is not signed by the insurance agent. The customer must review all information for correctness and completeness. Please stress this to the customer should you receive a faxed application.

3. Submitting an Application:

When the customer has reviewed the application and made any necessary corrections, he will need to sign the application where indicated and fax it back to Fernet at 407-937-1855, along with any other supporting documents that are requested. (ex: bill of sale, copy of drivers license, etc.)

4. Receiving Payment: 

Once the signed application is returned to Fernet, we will process the payment as indicated by the customer. This may be by credit card or debit card.

5. Binding Insurance: 

Once Fernet has received the signed application and processed payment, temporary insurance ID cards will be issued. These cards will be faxed to your dealership. Only at the time you have received the faxed ID cards should the customer consider himself insured. These cards indicate that Fernet has accepted the insurance and will be sending the application to the insurance company for policy issuance.

6. Safe to Ride:  

Only after the customer has received the temporary ID cards is it safe for you to allow him to leave the dealership on his new motorcycle. DO NOT allow a customer to ride off on a motorcycle you believe to be insured through Fernet unless the customer has the temporary ID cards.