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Accident Medical Expense:

  • Helps you pay costs not covered by other insurance
  • No limit on the number of covered accidents
  • No network restrictions
  • Benefits work to compliment your existing health coverage

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Critical Illness:

  • Pays lump-sum benefit (ranging from 25% to 100%) upon the first diagnosis of a covered critical illness
  • No deductible to satisfy
  • No network restrictions
  • Amount payable of primary maximum benefit is 50% for a spouse and 25% for a child

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Short Term Health Insurance:

A type of health plan that can provide you with temporary medical coverage when you are between
health plans, outside enrollment periods, and need some coverage in case of an emergency.

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Fixed Indemnity Coverage:

This coverage provides a payment for a time period an individual is hospitalized or experiencing

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Cancer Insurance:

A type of supplemental health insurance that is meant to manage the risks associated with the
cancer disease and its numerous manifestations. It is meant to mitigate the costs of cancer
treatment and provide policyholders with a degree of financial support.

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Individual Dental Insurance:

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Medicare Supplements:

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