Overseas Visitors

Overseas Visitors

Traveling Made Easy!

Planning a visit to the United States? Want to ride your motorcycle during your visit? Let Fernet Insurance Brokers arrange for your Temporary USA and Canada Motorcycle Insurance before you even leave home! We offer a program designed to cover yourself and your cycle while you are visiting. Its the Safe Trip Motorcycle Insurance Program from Dairyland, one of the largest motorcycle insurance companies in America, rated A+ by A.M. Best.  *Roadside Assistance is offered seperately.

Additional Infomation

Insuring visitors' motorcycles touring the USA and Canada is fairly straight forward, especially when the on-line form has been fully completed, and the authorized credit card is processed without difficulty. Please ensure that there is no hold on the credit card for charges by third parties from overseas. Some visitors travel with the intention to purchase their motorcycle in the USA.  Of course, we can only begin the insurance process after the motorcycle has been bought and a valid VIN [Vehicle Identification Number] is available in order to complete the insurance application.  A temporary registration must then be obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles [DMV] showing proof of insurance.  There should be no problem if the motorcycle is purchased from a dealership as they handle the registration and provide you with the necessary temporary tag.



Note: Application must be completed and signed by you before returning to Fernet.  You may complete the application and then simply click  “Print Form” at the bottom of the application.  After completing and signing, you can scan the document back into a .pdf file and attach to email sending to customercare@fernet.com You may also fax your completed application form to 866-768-7558 to begin the process.  Please provide an email address or fax number to return a copy of your policy and proof of insurance card.

   Applications that do not contain a true copy of your actual signature, will not be accepted.

·         One driver and bike per policy.
·         Bikes over 30 years old will be insured for liability only.
     No physical damage coverage provided.
·         Bikes valued at over $40,000 can be insured for liability only.
     No physical damage coverage provided.
·         We are unable to provide coverage for bikes over 2500 cc's.

The details on how to apply are found on the form or
click to download the
instruction sheet.

Complete the form in full and sign it.
Temporary Insurance / Safe Trip Application Form Click Here


Choose method of payment as shown on application form.  There will be a $60.00 policy fee and a 5.0% credit card fee added to the premium upon processing. Please note US Dollar currency only.

 Interested in adding roadside assistance to your policy?
     * To complete the Roadside Assistance form Click Here

In the event of a claim:

Any claim against the policy must be reported immediately to Dairyland Insurance at 1-800-638-8763, in order to arrange an inspection prior to the motorcycle leaving the United States.

Every attempt will be made to repair the vehicle prior to departure.

You will need to provide Dairyland's Claims Department with information on how to contact you while you are traveling abroad.

Cancellations:  If for any reason you need to cancel your trip/policy, standard cancellation rules will apply.